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ever taken boolean algebra? top 10 reasons why John Boolean
needs to bekilled - by Chris Emerson

10. No one will ever use his shit on the job.
9. He ass fucks male hogs for fun.
8. He holds study sessions in his basement for young boys.
7. His mother said he came out of her ass.
6. The only thing he knows is A,B and 1,2.
5. His last name is so annoying it makes me have the scoures.
4. He has both male, female and yak genitalia.
3. He eats at his truth table.
2. He was never taught what a plus sign really means.
1. He likes to recite his theories while ejaculating watching rats fuck.

Boolean algebra with hogs. I'd never imagined the two could be used together.. Male Hogs to boot. Such a nice cocktail. But coming from his Momma's ass sounds like a constipation nightmare. Were the Yaks involved?

no. butt i think someone tried to boolie my algae bra one time in the back of a deputy's patrol car

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