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Random Quote

minneapolis st. paul: systematic randomness that seems to plague cannot be the largest truth in/at
would also seem the unlikely author, collaborator, or enabler of some of the
more noisy forms of torture that have become de rigeur of late...we that
ponder the madness are left with rhymeless streaks of orange igniting the
western skylines in a renaissance of passion...saying my prayers with my
fingers crossed...making love with one eye open...playing the nickel
slots...jealously guarding my dirty little secrets...
the pharmacist handed me the bag and asked if iíd taken this drug before...i
swear he said drug, not medication, but it may have been a trick of the light in
there...i assured him, without thinking, that i had indeed taken it ìmany timesî
with confidence...i cracked up later when i thought about my answer, thinking
that he could have had almost anything in the bag and my answer would still
have been ìmany timesî...
in the catholic ghettoes the british soldiers would shoot the dogs and then
explain the dogsí abscence by claiming the irish had eaten them...they called
the catholics ìdog eatersî...
irony is of course long dead but i remember my local fire department being
the subject of generations of jokes about ìbellying up to the public troughî
before they all became heroes...

© jimi