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heartbreaking cruelty...aiieee, the way i've treated women t...it ain't wright...offers no sleep...no escape...at best a moody prick...AM I NOT ALLOWED TO BLOW UP FOR NO GOOD REASON AND HAVE RAGE FILLED PSYSCHOTIC EPISODES COMPLETE WITH BARKING AND SOME (a few) PRAYERS TO THE DEVIL NOW AND AGAIN??? i mean, is that so rong? (private musing: don't bother to read: i should never have fucked ----'s little sister) there seems to be no pleasing...i am required to obey the law, not spit, fart or pick my nose...i must not bleat shit against the government, the church or the chicago cubs...is there no end to the control??? apparently their lives have not turned out the way they'd planned so everyone else has to suffer the penalty of unnecessary control of their body functions...(MY SISTER IS NOT A LESBIAN. NOR A WHORE. NOT A PETTY THEIF. OK. SHE STOLE SOME NARCOTICS FROM YOUR PRECIOUS SUPPLY. I DON'T THINK THAT MAKES HER ENTIRELY A CROOK. A JUNKIE, PERHAPS, BUT WHO ARE YOU TO CALL THE SLUT NAMES?!?)

pray for the aliens t...they've no one else...

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